All Things Must Pass

As of September 2013, Girlyman has officially decide to part ways. After 12 years of being together as a band, we decided as a group that it was time.

We’re still all making music, however.  If you’re interested, check out some of our new projects:

Django Jones
Doris, Nate, and JJ have started a kids’ music group with an upcoming album, D is for Django.

Ty has put out a critically-acclaimed solo CD, One True Thing, and still performs live around the country.

Nate Borofsky
Nate has re-formed the “one-man supergroup” cleverly titled Nate Borofsky, and released a solo CD, Every Wish.

For more extended and personal explanations and reflections on the end of Girlyman, you can read posts by Doris or Tylan on their blogs.

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