All Things Must Pass

As of September 2013, Girlyman has officially decide to part ways. After 12 years of being together as a band, we decided as a group that it was time.

We’re still all making music, however.  If you’re interested, check out some of our new projects:

Mouths of Babes
Ty has joined forces with Ingrid Elizabeth (of Coyote Grace) to form this duo with a brand new EP, Faith and Fumes.

Django Jones
Doris, Nate, and JJ have started a kids’ music group whose debut album, D is for Django, recently won a Parents’ Choice Award.

Ty has put out a critically-acclaimed solo CD, One True Thing.

Nate Borofsky
Nate has also released a solo CD.  His is titled Every Wish.

For more extended and personal explanations and reflections on the end of Girlyman, you can read posts by Doris or Tylan on their blogs.

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