Soul of You

by Tylan Greenstein

I know I have no right
I know I have no say
I know that you're not thinking about me
Anymore, anyway

So what was it we were
In that thin piece of time
Cause I was never yours
And you were never mine
And I don't really care, I'm fine

I wanted you to know
Before you up and go
Back to your pretty boys
Back to your pretty home

That you're a ray of god
Lighting up the dust in the Vatican
And I'm a secret stairway
Down to a place that light has never been
And we could be a soft amen

So you don't have to say
Cause I already know
There's nothing there to have
There's nothing here to hold

But now I'm leaning in
Let me whisper just one thing to you
I think that when you feel it
You ought to feel it all, the whole way through
Down to the very soul of you

© 2011, all rights reserved