by Ty Greenstein / Nate Borofsky

Down at the bar, you sit far from everyone
Writing poems on your jeans
On the inside seams
Dropping cherries like bombs into your beer
Nowhere left to be but here
You never could see it clearly

So what do you want?
Do you want to let the world destroy you?
Or write down the names of every person who ignored you?
Your mom and your dad never knew what they had
So how could you know you were Michelangelo?

Up all night, the morning light, surprising through the door
You're still lying on the floor
Writing words into the boards
She changed, she got sick after the war
And she never did come back
So many ways the odds are stacked against you


Money here, money there, some people know your name
Just a little taste of fame
Like hair caught in the drain
You're a genius now, you're insane
You may be different or the same
But there something in your heart
Feels like love, feels like pain


© 2011, all rights reserved