Break Me Slow

by Ty Greenstein

Build me a home on the Gulf Coast
Where lightning lights up all the life boats
And beds float away just like freed ghosts
When the hurricanes come to call
I've got bricks still to lay of my own fate
Like cards that you weigh under tables
I never could have my hand both ways
So the winner takes it all

Lay my body low
Save me once then let me go
I'll pay every cent that I owe
Just break me slow

Give me a farm on the west coast
Where blackberries climb over fence posts
And barefoot and breezy on back roads
And water turns to wine
Well over and out, I've got to forge
Can't sing one more note of this ragged score
I've run out of scraps for the very poor
Scratching at my mind

Lay my sins down low
Burn me once, now let me go
I'll reap every trouble I sow
Just break me, break me slow

So find me a field on the flood plain
Where storm chasers drive into dark rain
And lay me down flat in the cornrows
As a sound like a freight train grows

Lay this burden low
You told me once, now I should know
I'll shoulder each debt that I owe
Just break me, break me slow

© 2011, all rights reserved