by Ty Greenstein

You take the time to make your coffee right
Then you drink it down like water
And all your urgent phone calls in the middle of the night
When I can only hear your side

I dream some nights the world is ending
And there you are down the hall like a long lost friend
That I've only met in passing
So you pass me by and the story ends

Do I remind you of something you've lost?
Or maybe I just can't pay the rising cost of being
Drawn to you

They say the sun on long island is hotter than it is here
And I remember the day you left, this time last year
When I looked at you, you looked back
Nothing lost or gained and all your bags were packed
But there was no danger of a kiss
This was not love, this is all that it is
I was drawn to you, to you

© 2001, all rights reserved