I Wonder Where You Have Gone

by doris muramatsu

It's been a long time, friend
Since we've said much and then some
Sometimes I feel just fine
There are days I shrug
I think it's not meant at all
And I put down that pen and sigh

Chorus: you caught me by surprise
With that look in your eyes
And I wonder where you have gone
You have not kept me apprised
Of the tales of your life
And I wonder where you have gone

We lit up the night
But a spark's not a candle
It's as bright as a star's dying tears
When you looked at me
I saw more than just moonlight
I believed every word, every fear


Now the wind's picked up
And the trees they are a-heavin'
Do you think that I'm to blame?
You could not bear
To wallow in this despair
You said I tried to make you change


© 2003, all rights reserved