by Ty Greenstein

There is no child that I loved better than the others
But I looked at one differently some days
Yeah Lou, you never acted like your brothers
Makes me wonder what your daddy would say
Back then, when the factories all were open
And the rent was not so difficult to pay
You said you would stay with me forever
'til Superior swept both of us away

Chorus: and that helicopter was green and grey
Like the sky that hangs over the lake
And I knew that you would fly one day for sure
'cause you were made for more

Ambition is what keeps you moving
When your heart wants to pull you back home
You gotta run when God makes you an offer
You gotta go if someone shows you how to go
But when I wake it takes a minute to remember
Why it's so quiet and still
Sometimes I can't tell one thing from the other
Your voice from the ringing of those bells


When I look into the eyes of the angels from this porch
It's like the world's upside down
And winter, it's not really what it should be
Nothing sticks to the ground

© 2004, all rights reserved