by Doris Muramatsu

I don't know what is happening to me
I think my mind's finally come undone
The city's quiet and the hour is late
And I'm afraid to face my life alone

Chorus: And I don't know why
It's so hard to consider this
I've reached up so many times
To find my hands full of emptiness

There's been nothing to help me to sleep
I've got too much going on inside
I never thought someone could pull me in this deep
But now I find I'm losing this time

So many times I've been put aside
I was always second best
(through several tales of the past I've sailed)
But nothing's sweeter than to be picked from the vine
Like the treasure of a harvest
(but nothing hides when you cast them aside)
I have never been seen except in glimpses of my dreams
But you're waiting here in the wings and I'm speechless


© 2004, all rights reserved