Bird on the Wire

by Doris Muramatsu

There goes that damn bird on my fencepost
She cries, she cries, "do you know, do you know?"
Well yeah, it's apparent she's gone and there she'll stay
No phone call or a sign
Of a note, of a note

Chorus: she looked at me so seriously
I could've sworn that love was in her eyes
But now she's gone and I'm singing this song
To a lonely random bird on the wire

She always was the type who thought love was a chore
No matter what she had, she wanted more, she wanted more
And even as I breathed her in and felt her skin so tight
I never seemed to fit her right
And she found the door, she found the door


Don't ask me what it is about the girls who play hard to get
She swore eternally that she loved me
I never want to counter that


© 2004, all rights reserved