Hold It All At Bay

by Nate Borofsky & Ty Greenstein

When we arrive you still won't be there
You'll sleep through the drive and storm up the stairs
The sea breeze, it frees me
But you are like a gale wind, mad and unaware

You'll drive by and away, you're leaving today, I wish you were ok
Last night was just another night
It never seemed quite right to hold it all at bay

We could talk all night and still you'd feel this way
You can't hear my words, you have too much to say
I don't want a manhunt
Just let me have the kiss, she gave it to me straight


You love to walk the Appalachian Trail
You can feel your heart as smooth as a snail
The mountains, your darlings
But better to love than have something to scale


Jealousy's a drag, like wandering outside
October snow when the leaves all have died
Tomorrow may bring us thunder or sun
I'd do it all again, I'd do it by the ton
The memory, like candy
The sweet taste of love dissolving on my tongue


© 2006, all rights reserved