Good Enough

by Doris Muramatsu

Every time you look at me, I think, "It's not so bad, you see"
My heart still beats, time to lift the catch
And then another day goes out to sea, you close your mouth, you try to be
The brave one, the one who matters

And if I could fly or change the tides
Weather rocks into dust
Then I'd know why I was mystified
Cause baby, look what we've become

Somewhere back in time we made each other laugh
And I could see how that was good enough
You never read my mind but you could fill a gap so fine
And I loved the way you could make things up


No one makes the rules you see
You are in charge of destiny
Sympathy and wine is all you seem to want
And time to be a stranger to yourself
Rigidly I stand about to seize on what I am
Here's my existence, I'd put it on a shelf


© 2006, all rights reserved