You Were the Lie

by Ty Greenstein

Nobody bothered your football games
I sat alone upstairs, thinking it was not fair
If not people I thought channels could change
Sitting here now I see, glowing in front of me

You were the lie, you were the lie, you were the lie

Maybe the demons possessed your mind
Why bother fighting them, they'll only come again
Or maybe you never even bought your storyline
You weren't looking for meaning or metaphor


I threw out all the pieces that puzzled me
Cause they never added up to much
So I didn't know you were still assigned to killing me
Still aligned with willing me away

So maybe the best part of life remains
Maybe it's gonna be, maybe you wait and see
That's what they tell you, someday we'll all be free
You shoot it off into space, but it never goes away


© 2006, all rights reserved