Somewhere Different Now

by Tylan Greenstein

I took a long drive by the church and the high dive
Past the riverbank hillside, where we looked at the clouds
I believe in the big god, and the multitude of love
And the fact that it's just us helping each other out

Now I've just been reeling, staring up at my ceiling
Wishing someone would reach out, come and bust up my hideout
I'm not quite lost, not quite found
Just somewhere different now

I went walking past the corner lot, teeming
With weeds and trailers abandoned, people wandering around
I've been dreaming of gardens, crops that grow without dusting
In the San Rafael highlands, where we listened to bugs sing

Now I don't mind saying, I believe in the waiting
In the visions of grandeur, and the random encounter
I'm not on fire, not burned out
Just somewhere different now

Woke up this morning with a familiar feeling
Like the angels were crying 'stead of their normal flying
When did you get so certain, boldly draw back your curtains
Lightning strikes in the tall place, water flows to the street grates

Now I look in the mirror, can't abide what I see there
Still I'll play you a strong hand, what remains of a good plan
It's not quite gone, but it's not around
Must be somewhere different now

Now I caught a red light past the coffeeshop Starlight
And plastic Christmas adornments someone left on the pavement
Just to drive feels like passion, just to let the wheels roll on
Engine light keeps on flashing, don't know what has gone wrong

Now I keep believing, don't know if there's a reason
I search under the pillow for the crumbs in the willow
Cause they got me here, and I'm not sure how
But I'm somewhere different now

© 2007, all rights reserved