Storms Were Mine

by Doris Muramatsu, Nate Borofsky

I've been squinting at the sun
A ball of fire always on the run
But it's still burning when the clouds
Blanket, blanket

Spending time all on my own
And when I see you I still feel alone
And when I look back all I feel is
Anger, anger

I am lost, you left me at sea
Tossed and turned 'round all of the time
Still the storms that battered me
Were mine

It's a wonder that I've grown
A yellowed plant, I've still got something to show
Leaves that beckon toward the sky
Praying, praying

And now all I feel is rage
It follows me when I get up on the stage
I even carry it when I'm
Sleeping, sleeping

I can't believe it could be
All mine, all mine

"© 2007", all rights reserved