Tell Me There's A Reason

by Doris Muramatsu / Tylan Greenstein / Nate Borofsky

Why should I be stunned when winds begin to change?
Clearest skies turn slowly into rain
The leaves throw off their green
Nothing new about this scene
Still I want you here with me
Cause that's the way it used to be

Tell me there's a reason
For every stupid season
November freezes everything in sight
I'm fine all day, I think of you at night

Loving you was like a trip around the world
Spires of gold, skylines made of pearls
From the mountains of Peru all the way to Kathmandu
Now I'm sitting here alone
And I just want you to come home

Maybe I was not
The person that you thought
A joke I made
You never got

Time has its way with everyone
You can't stop the circle of the sun
But you can pull down all the shades
You can wait for better days
Throw another blanket on
Til the winter's come and gone

© 2009, all rights reserved