True Enough

by Nate Borofsky

Two hundred miles from Hilo
Four thousand miles from Tokyo
Four thousand from Chicago
Five thousand from Atlanta
Ten thousand miles from Kenya
Three thousand from L.A.

A mansion
Looking for redemption
Looking for a man's son
Looking for his father
Squinting to see farther
Squinting in the sunlight
Of a brand new day

Will you come and dance with me
Will you be my only love
Tell me will you love me true
Will you be true enough?

A worldwide
Twenty minute El ride
Down towards the South Side
Down towards the Skyway
Ten miles east of Midway
Not quite to the lake shore
Or even Lake Shore Drive

Always looked so easy
Always sounds so sleazy
Sometimes feels so lonely
Like the end of a long day
Driving on the Beltway

© 2009, all rights reserved