Wherever You Keep

by Nate Borofsky / Doris Muramatsu / Tylan Greenstein

You, you seem so far away
Fog comes rolling in, don't know where you've been
No excuse and no idea
How dark it seems to me
You make me want to leave

But if I go wherever you go
Every step I follow you
Down to the deep, wherever you keep
I always feel blue

I will try to clear the way
All that we will be, sailing on the sea
But you, you tend an aching place
Wrapped inside you tight
Away from all the light

Like a bird I call to you
Fly in circles, nothing I can do

Every time I close the door
Wind blows on my face
Feels good to leave this place
You will go and live your life
I hold you close to me
Wherever you may be

© 2008, all rights reserved