by Doris Muramatsu / Ty Greenstein / Nate Borofsky

Angel, touch down your flutter wings
No cure just relief it brings
Be still my suffering

Mixed up like colors, artist plate
Paint over every one of my mistakes
Spread me on canvas, so featherweight
I'm waiting here

Cause somewhere in my bones I start to break
Somewhere in my dreams I'm still awake
Even though you drove that car away

There's only five miles to go A traffic jam, moving so slow
An accident, someone I don't know
Feels like it's me lying on the road

The air so heavy as I keep driving by
The ambulance lighting up the sky
I'm crashing into somebody else inside
That I don't know


Last night I dreamed you picked me up
With the top rolled down and we drove up a hundred flights of stairs
The view up there was angels

With both feet down on the ground
Sometimes the world feels like a lost and found
Everyone's searching and looking around
It's all right here


© 2009, all rights reserved