Could Have Guessed

by Ty Greenstein

There's so much I've seen since you last saw me
Sea to shining sea each year
All these vans and trains, single engine planes
The coast of Maine to Mount Rainier
And every car runs clean, full of gasoline
Still there's one place I can't go

Maybe I could have guessed, maybe I should have known
You'd be my one regret that I could not let go

Haze of foggy nights, blaze of northern lights
Maybe everyone's the same
With a heavy weight and a whispered face
And a long unspoken name
Swept away by skies and everything that flies
It's hard enough to drive these roads


So is it wrong? Is it right?
Am I still out of line?
Can you hear me from here anyway?
What could I say?

Now all the open doors in the world are yours
I've sent all my guards away
I hear birds all night like something's just not right
And it can't wait for light of day
But if I tell the truth straight from me to you
Would you even want to know?


© 2009, all rights reserved