Nothing Called Home

by Doris Muramatsu

You sit and watch the ocean blue
The colors stare right back at you
There's love pulsing underneath that sea
There's salt dusting painted benches
Planks of deck and rusted wrenches
Nature wants to taste this life
The one you spit out every time

Do you think there's nowhere to go
Nothing called home
Nowhere that you'd rather be
Let it go, oh let it alone
Someday you'll find what you need

You kept the light inside you bright
But shielded it as careful as a candle on a cold and rainy night
You pushed away the oneswho loved you
But held them high, right above you
Caring more what we would think
Offering us the first drink


Most of all your sweaters packed away moved with you
Though none of them got worn anyway
You think you're leaving everything behind
But no matter where you are
You are there, you're the star

Snow covers every corner
Every fountain, every border
Paving ancient roads and antique signs
Most of what I know about you are memories, now far from truth
We melt away our circumstance
We all deserve a second chance


© 2009, all rights reserved