by Ty Greenstein

It wasn't what we planned
But I let you hold my hand
We walked down to the place where rotting piers are stuck to land
And looking for the sea
That's how they'll always be
Sagging beams a still relief of possibility

For how long they've stood this strong
The ships and cruisers all are gone
You and I really tried
A better we that we could be was stuck inside
From where we stand against this railing
Jersey seemed just like a dream we only imagined

This sediment was never meant
To hold these trucks and thick cement
One hundred billion metric tons
This city never will be done

And right beside our burdened land
There flows the Hudson, wide and grand
Into the blue, for me and you
It's false, it's true, it's planned
It's more than we can stand

© 2009, all rights reserved