Many Thanks, Updates on Doris, and West Coast Tour

Hi everyone,

This is Ty writing from Atlanta, where we’ve spent the last 8 weeks on a roller coaster ride none of us expected. As most of you know, two days before Thanksgiving, Doris was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia called CML. (For more information on her diagnosis, see the original news item about this)

This has been the most challenging time we as a band – and as a family – have ever faced, and it’s been an honor for us to include you, our extended family, in the process. The support we’ve received from all over the world has sustained us through these first two months. Your Facebook and email messages uplift us daily. You’ve sent medical advice, spiritual insight, reasons to hope, funny YouTube videos, and every word, every gesture has helped and moved us. Thank you so much.

Some of you have also sent financial donations, and we’re incredibly humbled to say that your generosity has carried Girlyman as a business through the last month. In our nearly ten years as a band we’ve never once canceled a tour, but in December we had no choice but to cancel our midwest tour to give Doris a chance to stabilize. Your contributions saved us during this time. If you’ve been planning to donate but haven’t had a chance, every little bit helps:

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Again, we’re humbled and grateful beyond words.

Updates on Doris

Doris is under the care of doctors at Emory University here in Atlanta, and so far she’s responding well to treatment. She was hospitalized in early December and received a short course of chemotherapy, a blood transfusion, and some medication to help her body process all the white blood cells she was shedding. After her discharge she began taking the oral medication which will hopefully put her leukemia into remission. We’ve had some bumps along the way but are all very optimistic about her progress.

Doris has been keeping an online journal with updates about her health and everything that she’s been going through. This is the best place to find out the latest about how she’s doing, physically and mentally. You can read and subscribe to her journal updates here. (Personally, they always make me laugh AND cry):

And, yes, it’s true. West Coast Tour!

Some of you have written with concerns that we’re rushing back into our touring schedule too quickly. You’ve assured us that most of all, you want Doris to get her rest! We do too. We’re planning tours in a different way now, and she’ll be doing less driving and will get blood counts taken along the way. But right now, what Doris and all of us want to do most is make music. We’re eager to lift all of our spirits and vibrations through our harmonies. Won’t you join us?

For a complete list of west coast shows, see:

We’re also very excited that our friends Coyote Grace will be joining us for this whole tour. If you haven’t heard them yet, you’re in for a real treat. They’re soulful, smart, and sweet:

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