Saying Goodbye to Girlyman

For those of you who are not Facebook users, this is a post I made on my CaringBridge blog yesterday, on September 11th. It concludes my involvement with Girlyman, and explains our need to close that chapter of our lives officially. (For those of you who are on FB, sorry for the double post.)

I/we would also like to acknowledge and thank all of you in the UK and the Netherlands who responded to our call for financial help last year after we returned to the States. We did not give you the proper thanks you deserved! Your generous contributions helped us tremendously. Sorry it took this long.

Thanks again for reading and for being a part of one of the most incredible journeys I’ve had on this earth. There will always be more creativity and music and love, but there’s only one Girlyman.


Doris (Nate, Ty, and JJ)

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  1. Jeff Strain says:

    I am still missing you. I saw you five times in concert and talked to Doris and Ty after the shows. Nate just looked at me. I couldn’t fathom the expression. I think the quality of your music makes you all-time greats.

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