Dad took a picture on August the 9…

I finally found this picture from August 9, 1974! See “Easy Bake Ovens” for the reference. I showed it to my dad, who said, “You found it! I wanted to take a picture of you with a reference, so you’d know exactly when it was taken.” Good old Dad and his archivist tendencies. Some people write these things on the back of pictures with ball point pens, Dad.

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5 Responses to Dad took a picture on August the 9…

  1. Joe says:

    Love it. Your dad was way ahead of photoshop debunking, and there are no unsightly bits of pen ink on other photos in the stack.

  2. Marisa says:

    Oh, fantastic! That line inspired me to kick myself when I realized that I have no photographs of my merry band of revelers from the night that Obama was elected President (or, for that matter, from the next morning’s paper, although I did buy a copy of the paper and frame it).

    Delightful picture.

  3. Karen S. says:

    Since the newspapere is the Inquirer, then inquiring minds want to know: Who is that holding you in the picture? Grandma? Mom? Other…….?

  4. Love it. In his Paul Zollo interview in Songwriters On Songwriting, Paul Simon says something about putting one factual line in every song. You can see here how effective that is. Brilliant song. You should do a digital-release single, with this as the cover.

  5. Sophia in Maine says:

    Cute picture!
    Love it! Love “Easy Bake Ovens”, too!

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