Doris sings “Supernova” from the webcast

The webcast is only available on-demand for a few more days. Now’s your chance to watch it for the first time (or the twelfth time). After May 10, it’s gone.

Click here for more info.

Here’s a clip from the webcast of Doris singing “Supernova.”

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4 Responses to Doris sings “Supernova” from the webcast

  1. Susan Dressel says:

    I just love this song, and since Nate posted the lyrics (thanks Nate) I love it even more. Sure hope to see you at the Lyons Folk Fest. So far you aren’t listed as performers, but I know you must be performing, aren’t you???

    • Gordon Cash says:

      I agree, Susan. I saw both Supernova and Soul of You for the first time at the Birchmere in April. Any chance of getting Soul of You up on the lyrics page too?

  2. Jovian says:

    This song is bittersweet, and the harmonization that comes along with it intensifies that feeling. It’s filled with so much emotion. It’s more than just a great song. Just listening to this pulls my heartstrings. I hope Doris gets better soon – I’m sure she will. By the way, you guys are the best! I’ve been listening to your music for years 🙂

  3. lesley says:

    Loved your performance in Doncaster in October 2010. Any chance you’ll be visiting UK again soon?

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