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April Show Cancelled

We are sincerely sorry to announce that April’s show at the Silver Center in Plymouth, NH, has been canceled. We had hoped that we’d be ready to be back on the road after taking a short hiatus, but life is … Continue reading

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Help Nate Make a Solo CD

Hi everyone – Nate here. During this time of Girlyman-hiatus, I’ve embarked on the exciting (and scary) project of a solo CD. In the past year, I’ve written about a hundred songs. In going through these, I decided that I … Continue reading

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Time Off So Far

Greetings! This fall has been the longest that I (Nate) have spent in one place that I can remember. I haven’t left the Atlanta metro area for almost 3 months. It’s been a wonderful (albeit new) experience. I’ve been writing … Continue reading

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Music Video for “Nothing Left”

Check out our new video for “Nothing Left” off the new CD Supernova. Special thanks to Ary Smith, Amy Foster, and Kim Zahller for their help with making this.

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Pictures (and Videos) from the February Tour

Here are some tidbits from our jaunt through the Midwest this month. The tour started off wonderfully, with us all in good spirits. Ingrid Elizabeth (from Coyote Grace) joined us. The morning after our second show, we were assaulted by … Continue reading

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Ten Years as Girlyman

There are a lot of dates that we could conceivably use to celebrated the anniversary of Girlyman . There’s the date that we first performed under the name “Girlyman” (Feb. 3, 2002), the date we first arranged “Montpelier” for three … Continue reading

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Come On Tour With Us

Hey everyone!  We’re doing something fun for our midsummer Ohio & Kentucky mini-tour. We have Paula Mauro – writer, producer, documentarian, and long-time friend – traveling with us.  She’s going to be live-documenting our tour and sending out tour diary … Continue reading

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We Do, In Fact, Like Piña Coladas

Here in Atlanta, we’re already relaxing during our time off. Last weekend, we celebrated Ty’s and JJ’s birthdays, and Ty had one request of me: make the piña coladas. Since we don’t have much breaking news here at Girlyman Central, … Continue reading

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It’s 6 am. Do you know where your Girlyman is?

Why are we up this early? Didn’t we just check into our hotel? It’s a long drive from Oklahoma to Atlanta, and someone (me) foolishly told Doris, Ty & JJ that there’s a Whole Foods in Little Rock. This means … Continue reading

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Doris sings “Supernova” from the webcast

The webcast is only available on-demand for a few more days. Now’s your chance to watch it for the first time (or the twelfth time). After May 10, it’s gone. Click here for more info. Here’s a clip from the … Continue reading

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