Pictures (and Videos) from the February Tour

Here are some tidbits from our jaunt through the Midwest this month.

The tour started off wonderfully, with us all in good spirits. Ingrid Elizabeth (from Coyote Grace) joined us. The morning after our second show, we were assaulted by the hotel’s outdoor stereo blasting Steve Winwood.  We chose to dance.

Our search of the gas station’s souvenir section yielded a discovery of religious and archaeological significance:
Jesus's Key

New coffee beverages were discovered:
sign for "coffee latties 99 cents"

A homespun Girlyman shirt:
t-shirt with "are you a girlyman?"

Modern art at the Irving Theater in Indianapolis:
a two headed red zebra sculpture

Ary finds a friend (Henry) in Indiana.
Ary and Henry

Onstage in Chicago:
onstage in Chicago

The green room in Minneapolis made us feel like CBGB’s was still alive and well.
punk rock green room

punk rock green room 2

But they got our hospitality rider, and our punk rock collection of fruit, hummus, and snacks was there.

The cold weather meant a lot of extra things had to come into the hotel every night.  At times, this was tiring.
us collapsed in a hotel lobby

The Best Western seemed to worry that we might fear our TV remotes had gone stale.
remote control in a sanitary cozy

One of the highlights of this tour was having our good friend Edie Carey open most of the shows.  In addition to getting to hear her beautiful voice night after night, we all got to sing a few songs together.  Here’s a video of us singing the Swell Season’s “Falling Slowly” all together in Milwaukee.


Onstage in Milwaukee:
onstage in Milwaukee

End of tour pile.
us piled on one another

On the drive home, Ty found some helpful advice in the women’s room.
ty next to a sign advising her to apply lipstick

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13 Responses to Pictures (and Videos) from the February Tour

  1. Dave Walzer says:

    Nice pics, guys, thanks for posting. After January’s Lawrence KS show, the added irony of that last pic is not lost on me.

  2. Jane Inman says:

    Love all the pix and particularly the dancing. Very energetic from JJ! xx

  3. stephany steele says:

    I really did laugh out loud on some of these pictures. Love the dancing video, and the crazy artwork at the Irving freaks me out when it moves. Thanks for sharing.
    Keep up the great music.

  4. patti greaux says:

    you guys rock. LOVE the video of “falling slowing” one of my all time favorites,which has now been elevated to a crazy new level that nothing will ever come close to.

    your sense of humor, love of life and pure energy makes me want to be better at life. love you all! xoxo

  5. Sophia in Maine says:

    What’s Ty’s conundrum? I am very confused here…

  6. Tami says:

    Dude looks like a lady 😉

  7. Amy says:

    Thanks Nate, Doris, Ty, JJ and Ary. I so appreciate you keeping your fans in your “Circle of Trust”. reference to “Meet the Parents”. It is so great to see these candid photos.

  8. Adrian says:

    Thanks guys for coming to Minneapolis! I haven’t seen you since you opened for Dar Williams (forever ago)… Come back soon!

  9. JJs Uncle in law Tom says:

    Beautiful music and wonderful harmonies and you dance like you mean it! Sorry to miss the show in Mpls. Shelly and family say “Hi”.

  10. JJs Uncle in law Tom (again) says:

    Hey, I just saw that you will be in the UK in May, as will Mary and I. On your way to Glasgow, you may want to stop in Alnwick England (Northumberland, right on the M1) and visit. We live and teach in the castle there.

  11. kate randall says:

    Ha Ha HAHA! Thanks for the laughs, you clever clogs. (A British expression (I think??) expressing deep respect for clever clogs such as yourselves.)
    –a fan in Tucson

  12. Lis Harvey says:

    Wow! That Steve Winwood really gets under a person’s skin. The highs, the lows, the lipstick… and the love! Love y’all. xox

  13. Quita says:

    Ty, you and Edie sound AMAZING!!! It’s like beautiful sparking jewels of sunlit water. So, so gorgeous!

    I can’t wait to see you ALL in Seattle so, so soon!


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