Music Video for “Nothing Left”

Check out our new video for “Nothing Left” off the new CD Supernova.

Special thanks to Ary Smith, Amy Foster, and Kim Zahller for their help with making this.

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5 Responses to Music Video for “Nothing Left”

  1. MJ says:

    Just got back from your show at Courtyard Hereford.
    You guys are amazing,so diverse,such chemistry
    Love the banter,is there some REM and FleetwoodMac influence in there?
    Halfway through I was thinking “they would do some mean bluegrass..”
    But Girliegrass did not disappoint.
    Great show

  2. Girly-fan says:

    Did Nate’s hair really get shaved off?

  3. Lumpy says:

    Every now and then Basingstoke becomes Amazingstoke. It happened last time Girlyman were here and it happened again last night.

    Thanks guys. See you next time.

  4. Scott McFarlane says:

    Moorsholm on Saturday night. Drove home across the moor singing with the sheep! Baaaaaarrrr!
    Thank you so much for the physically small but emotionally large event. We found it so uplifting. Got on the internet yesteday and booked tickets for the Green Man fest in August. You have reawoken our love for music.

  5. Rich says:

    Incredible song and video. It’s moving every time I listen.

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