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Hi everyone –

Nate here. During this time of Girlyman-hiatus, I’ve embarked on the exciting (and scary) project of a solo CD.

In the past year, I’ve written about a hundred songs. In going through these, I decided that I really want to share some of this music. Because Girlyman is taking a break, I think now is the right time to do this. I’ve started culling them down to my favorite 14 or so, and have already recorded some of them. But in order to make this into an actual CD, I’ll require some outside help.

To that end I’ve started a Kickstarter campaign.

I thought this might be more fun than simply running a pre-order campaign, as Girlyman has done in the past. My hope is that it will give you a greater opportunity to feel involved in the process of making this CD. Additionally, there are some fun “rewards” for pledging to support me on Kickstarter – early digital downloads of the album, a custom-written song, and even a skype date with me.

Of course, if I don’t raise the money in the next 27 days, everything people contribute gets returned, and I embark on a career of panhandling by making up tuning songs on the streets of Atlanta. While this could be amusing at first, I’d prefer not to let it come to that.

So please check out my Kickstarter video and page:

much love,

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  1. WtrGrl says:

    Best wishes, Nate and Girlyman! My daughters introduced me to your music. After attending 2 live concerts in an intimate venue, I will miss you during your break. Life as a road musician (or ANY musician) is tough – folks don’t understand the cost of combining your outlet/decompression with your daily job/income! I just hope you’ll be back someday, as I’d like to share your music and delightful stage presence with many more friends.

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