Time Off So Far

Greetings! This fall has been the longest that I (Nate) have spent in one place that I can remember. I haven’t left the Atlanta metro area for almost 3 months. It’s been a wonderful (albeit new) experience. I’ve been writing some new songs, recording some others, and doing the New York Times crossword every day. It feels disturbingly like a routine.

We’re excited about our new Subscriber system. ┬áTo start off with for members-only downloads, we have a live show: The Barns at Wolftrap (Vienna, VA) from Apr 4, 2009. We also have a demo recording I did this fall (“Figure Out Why”). And rounding it out, there’s an instructional video from Ty, teaching you how to play “Empire of Our State” on Guitar.

In the next few weeks, we’ll have more live shows and perhaps an 80’s style dance song that Doris and I recorded together!

Thanks for helping support us during this down time. We hope you enjoy, and thanks for supporting Girlyman!”

Nate (and JJ, Ty, & Doris)

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2 Responses to Time Off So Far

  1. Lorie says:

    I was able to download the show from the Barns at Wolf Trap, but I cannot get Nate’s song to play. Is anyone else having problems with it?

  2. jasonpressman says:

    I will miss hearing you guys live in 2013 – although I’m tempted to take the 3 hr drive to NH for your one scheduled show. Enjoy the well deserved break and come back soon!

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