Taking a deep breath.

Dearest Girlyfans,

We are both sad and excited to announce that this upcoming tour in the midwest will be our last for a while. After 11 years of touring almost non-stop, it’s almost inevitable that we would run out of steam and need some time to catch our breath. For a long time we’ve been denying it – after all, performing is our livelihood and our passion. We love our fans and we’ve been very proud of Girlyman’s heroic touring schedule. We weren’t about to let exhaustion, cancer, or anything else stop us!

But the universe is a stubbornly accurate gauge. In the past 3 months alone we’ve encountered myriad financial roadblocks, emotional obstacles, and the slow demise of our van, Sprinty (in fact, we just found out today that she needs a new transmission!). We barely stopped for breath when Doris was diagnosed with leukemia two years ago, and to some extent we’ve paid the price for that choice. Although we immensely enjoyed making Supernova and touring it, the signs continued. As much as we love and adore each other, we have had to band-aid our friendships and resuscitate our morale through the difficulty of the past couple years.

When we finally just took a breath and stopped to listen, we found that other options could be available to us if we were just willing to see them. We all experienced an incredible amount of relief when we admitted that the way we were endlessly touring – in a vehicle with 300,000 miles on the odometer, without management or sufficient support staff – was no longer viable. So the bad news is – you won’t be able to see us live for a while. We’ve committed to taking at least 6 months off from touring to re-imagine, nourish, and heal ourselves. The good news is – none of us sees this as The End, and we’re all excited to keep making music. We fully intend to keep creating during this time off – separately and together. And we believe that having the time for reflection and new experiences can only serve to deepen the art we make.

In fact, we have some pretty exciting ideas about how to continue to be Girlyman while off the road. And we’re excited to tell you how you can still have a front row seat to our music during this time. But we’ll go into that in detail when we get back from the midwest in a couple weeks. Consider yourself teased. 😉

In the meantime, we would love to see your beautiful, smiling faces as we play our hearts out for the next couple weeks!

Doris, Nate, Ty, and JJ

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  1. David Allen Jones says:

    Girlyman has always been “real” with its fans, no pretenses, no phony facades, just pure good music and having fun. When it stops being fun, it’s time to stop the music. In whatever form the music begins again, we’ll be there to listen and support it. Our society is not very well set up for the arts, but hopefully there will develop some new way of supporting really good music. Meanwhile, we’ll miss your smiling faces, tuning songs, and heavenly harmony. Don’t be gone long!

  2. Karen S says:

    Ah… the downside of being independent artists: no financial backing, no management, no roadies working for scale. There was something to be said after all about the old method of signing with an established recording label.

    Bummer news and here’s hoping you all find your way through.

  3. Katrina Haeger says:

    As a fellow musician who is inspired by your music, collaborative abilities, and amazingly positive attitudes, I’m impressed you all have endured this touring schedule for so long! May you continue on your path as independent musicians and as a band…an incredible band that I must say has changed the way I listen to music… as in… I have a very limited repertoire these days… GIRLYMAN. And I’m sure I’m not the only one. So, with that, I’m putting the added responsibility on you to come through on your promise to make more music in the future! Peace and rock on.

  4. Jay Atwood says:

    Hey Girlyman!
    I’m a 46-year old guy – pro musician – who has been on and off the road for years.
    Let me just say from the other side of the Middle-Age divide that you are probably making a wonderful (if difficult) choice.

    Muse-ic is not only what we do, but who we are, right? I’ll tell you from experience that too often we get mired down in all of the “ick” and no longer seem to have enough room for the Muse. Dust out your inner temples, polish your altars, and honor the musical gifts that you have been given. (Autumn is a great time for this!) Make way a fresh, new, indwelling of the Divine! Sometimes, she will inspire you to create in beautiful new ways! Sometimes she will just ask you to lie back in Her arms and bathe in the sweet blessed juiciness of her aura. (If she’s feelin’ particularly kind, she may send you a human representative to help out with that part!) Sometimes, she’ll kick you in the ass. (She’s can be like that…) But even if nothing seems to be happening… just chill. It’s good. The plants go underground for the Winter so that they can rise anew in the Spring.

    But know that it’s all part of the journey, and everything that you have done together remains a part of who you are – both individually and collectively.

    You have already changed lives, and brought peace, truth, and beauty to a world desperately in need of your gifts.
    You done good, kids.
    Thank you.

    Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

  5. Erika Smith says:

    Thank you!

    I can’t remember the exact year a first saw you play in Ann Arbor at the Ark. Seems like it was 8 or 9 years ago. We were the last ones at the show and my friend Anne really wanted your autographs on her newly purchased album. I tagged along with her not wanting to bother you all I hung back. Doris walked right over and signed my CD. Had a great conversation with you all. I will treasure all of CD’s especially that one! I have many memories of making trips to see you in various venues! I will treasure them always. You all have beautiful voices and make great music together. We will be at your show in East Lansing tomorrow. Sad to hear it might be my last chance to see you but hopeful that I may again someday. Good luck to you all! May you all find peace and happiness in your new journey!

    Thanks for the music!


  6. terry howerton says:

    i love you! me and my partner will see you in indy with many friends your music is so special and important at this time on our planet ..see you sat night at radio radio in indianapolis lets make it super nova special !! terry jonathan jristie cindy and many more! thanks for making the effort to come to our city ..your so loved !!!!

  7. Bernd Ohm says:

    Damn…! There go all my hopes of seeing you live here in Europe some day… 🙁
    You better recharge those batteries soon…
    Warmest greetings from Germany!

  8. Suzanne says:

    I love you all individually and as the Girlyman collection of amazing musicians that you are. I wish you all health and healing and inspiration.

    “Just what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life” – Mary Oliver

  9. Michelle Marhoefer says:

    We saw Girlyman last night in Chicago at City Winery, they are amazing artisits, I love thier harmonies, thier talent in playing so many insturments and pressence on stage. The content and originality of thier songs is so meaningful. I went to sleep with thier voices covering me like a warm blanket. I have all 5 cd’s and discovered them in 2007 when they were opening for Mary Gauthier at The Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago, I’ve loved them ever since. I’m so sorry to hear of Doris’ lukemia and pray for her. Also the demise of Sprinty is heartfelt. I wish them only the best future and hope to see Girlyman soon. I love you Girlyman!

  10. Rich says:

    You guys should have a donate button. We girlyfans got the bargain of our lives when we found you. I bet that many of us still feel indebted for all the joy you have brought us…and/or would like to help fund future projects.

  11. Kathy Casey says:

    If it’s time for a break then by all means, get out there, have fun and find what you’re looking for….that’s what life’s all about right?? Have loved seeing you live and will continue to be curious about what you’re up to individually and as a group. Enjoy!

  12. Jeff Parker says:

    Gotta admit, this stings a little bit, but I’ll live.

    Thank you all so much for creating and performing this music. Thank you Nate for singing in a way that has freed my singing voice. Thank you all for the rich harmonies that quench some part of me that other kinds of music don’t. Thank you for blending so many emotions, including the always essential element of comedy, into your music.

    Thank you for taking this break. We all need to live sustainable lives, and it sounds like your’s isn’t at the moment. Good luck in figuring it out, and I look forward to hearing you when you come back.

    Much love from Oregon.

  13. Robin says:

    My best and warmest thoughts of healing and rest and safe travels to you all. I am grateful that I was able to see you Sunday in Chicago and then last night in Madison! I brought some friends and now they love you too!

    I once took a break from my career too. Before leaving, I wrestled with “what to do and who I am”. For months I would “throw” the thought of “what do I do next” to the universe and wake up to silence. Then I realized that the silence meant “do nothing”. So, like Indiana Jones taking that leap of faith, I walked off the cliff into not knowing the next step and it was the best step I ever took. It was like walking onto a cloud. May you have the same experience of peace, joy, and fulfillment. I will miss you but I feel joy that you are giving yourselves what you need.

  14. Teresa says:

    Totally understand, but also hate to hear this news…all at the same time! Especially since I just ‘discovered’ Girlyman when you performed a ‘Sundays At Six’ concert recently in Alamosa, Colorado. That was only 2 months ago, & I’ve already almost worn my ‘Supernova’ CD out! Good luck, & I really hope to hear you making beautiful new music in the future!

  15. Steve says:

    To Doris, Nate and Tylan,

    I will miss the unparalleled musical and personal joy you have brought to me and your fans. I first saw you as the opening act for Dar Williams at the Fillmore. I knew then as I know now there will never be another band like you. I wish you well in your new ventures. I can only hope to hear and see you bring joy and happiness to those that adore you in the future. I being one.

    Steve from the Bay Area

  16. Andrea says:

    Ty, Doris and Nate,
    My husband and I first heard your Cd, Little star, at my sister-in-laws house. We loved it! For Christmas that year my inlaws surprised us with tickets to see you perform at the Sellersville Theater in PA. We became Girlyman Fans!!! Every time your group came to Eastern Pa and we could get a sitter for the kids we went to hear your amazing music. My kids are now 15 and 18 and they grew up hearing your Cd’s and have memorized all of your songs. We are sad that you are taking a break and hope that you will continue to produce your cd’s together after a some down time. I must say that Girlyman is my personal favorite musical group. You music moves my heart and soul not only with your harmony but with the lyrics of your songs. I wish you only the best life has to offer and want to THANK YOU for enriching my life with your music! Many Blessings to a very talented group!

  17. Teri says:

    You certainly are provocative. My husband didn’t know that when I bought tickets in Ann Arbor. In spite of him being slightly uncomfortable at first, and later relaxed, your music soothed his soul. I adored your love of music, your humor and again, the music. That’s what it is about. You blend well and the instrumentals are heavenly. Prayers for all of you.

  18. Matt McKeever says:

    .Keep your chin up and your smile bright until we meet again! Forever in my heart,Matt m.

  19. David says:

    You guys are fantastic, and we’re so glad to have gotten to know all of you on such a personal level. But I’m not sure you know how much you’ve inspired me, too: I’ve recently taken up the guitar again (after 20+ years), this time focusing on finger-picking, mainly with country western. So that’s given me a lot of joy, and I know that I owe that, in a weird, indirect (but definite) way, to you guys.

    Much love, and enjoy the time off!

  20. Jules says:

    Like Virginia Woolf said, artists need tons of space and time to make something great. How Girlyman has managed to still write 100% incredible songs while touring non-stop I do not know. But time off is a VERY GOOD IDEA… best and warmest wishes to Doris for a full recovery in body and soul. Her voice and songs have lifted and inspired many, many people!

  21. Doug Tennant says:

    Hi Doris, Nate, Ty, and JJ! Just thinking of you all this morning and how much your music means to me. The touring thing: take the time you need to be the best you can be, feel the best you can feel, make your best work come true. It’s fun and great seeing you all live, but your music gets in my heart and mind and if I never see you live again, I can still see a new video or hear some new songs. I love getting those signed new releases! And after having all your songs be such a big part of my play list this last couple years, you’ve become a soundtrack for so many of the moments in my life, what I want most for you, is for you to be well, in your body heart and mind. Merry Christmas!

  22. noi says:

    Hello, I’m a big fan from the Philippines and it has always, always been my dream (since 2006) to see you LIVE. One day, maybe, I can come to the USA and by that time, the tour would have relaunched. Hoping for the band’s comeback and still listening to your old tunes! 🙂
    I also wanted to say that Say Goodbye had been my first encounter with Girlyman and it has helped me tremendously through an old chapter in my life. I had to break away from a certain time in my past, and that includes the people (college friends and best friends from my hometown) in it. I had to forget them, and leave all the memories behind, and I wasn’t even able to say goodbye to their faces, properly. I did not want to listen to the song, but I needed to. Four years had passed and this song still continues to be my favorite, and it provided me that needed catharsis. It accompanied me through my tears, through my journal entries, through my road to another chapter that I’m currently blessed with.
    Thank you Girlyman for being there, even if you’re miles away! I pray that you’ll be blessed more and may you continue to inspire lives along the way (touring or not). 🙂

  23. Ane says:

    here’s my contribution for the band promo.

    best regards



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