Not M&M’s, Mirrors #girlytour

Back in its heyday, Van Halen insisted the venues they played at provided a bowl of M&M’s – no brown ones.

But all Girlyman really wants is a good mirror.

Doris told me yesterday: “A mirror. That’s all we ask for, really ā€” a mirror!”

Ideally, they really need a few mirrors.

It’s like a bunch of siblings ā€” and their friends (Coyote Grace – they also have to get ready to go on stage). They’re all getting ready to go out. And it’s date night.

That’s no good. There is makeup to put on, glitter to apply, neckties to tie, and maybe a hat to try out. Everybody needs a little space to make the magic happen.








Maybe a hat

Tonight’s show is at Cain Park in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. The green room here is a good-old-fashioned theater dressing room, with counters you can sit at, big, bright light bulbs, and long mirrors running horizontally along the room. I’m sitting in this room right now, writing this, listening to show through the floorboards and the sold-out crowd going wild for Girlyman’sĀ  new song “Michelangelo.

This was the scene up here earlier, before the band took the stage tonight.

The result: Rockstars.


Thanks to everyone who’s posted questions! On Sunday, I’m riding along in the van to Lexington, and Ty, Nate, JJ, and Doris and I are going to play 20 Questions. If you’ve been shy about posting questions, there’s still time!

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3 Responses to Not M&M’s, Mirrors #girlytour

  1. AMY says:

    What a joy it has been to follow you all through facebook. I got an opportunity to listen to you all for the first time when you played in Mandeville, LA a couple of months ago. That was an evening to remember! šŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing your stories…it’s great to be “along for the ride!” Doris…through one of your last blogs and the responses to same I found out about “TED.” How very cool! šŸ™‚ Hope that you are finding healing energy from all the folks you are providing so much joy to. šŸ™‚

  2. Michael Sharon says:

    Great show tonight. I really appreciated the songs for tuning stringed instruments.

    You know that they need to use the photo in the mirror of the fantastic four for the new CD cover. I get these ideas all tie time. šŸ™‚

  3. jesse says:

    I found this article today on why van Halen made the M&Ms request – it’s actually an easy logical check to see whether their contract was read:

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