Driving Mr. Borofsky #girlytour

So we’re three days in, and I’m learning pretty quickly that touring is 15% rockstar, 85% driving. I’ve been driving in my car behind the van, sort of Mama duck/duckling style…let me tell you, these guys do a lot of driving. Today’s route was 6 hours – from Cleveland, Ohio, to the show in Louisville, Kentucky.

This morning when the van got ready to leave the hotel, Nate called shotgun in my car. I drove the whole way — a very willing Morgan Freeman to Nate’s Miss Daisy. So far, this little tour diary hasn’t focused much on Nate, and this gave me a chance to spend some time with him.

We talked about a lot of things, and a lot of it was me asking all kinds of questions. I asked him about what makes a good show?* Do you like to be the one driving?** Do you like to look for the regional cuisine?*** Are you able to nap on the road?**** Finally, most important, what do you want for lunch?

We were hungry.

At this point we were driving into Cincinnati. This led to some quick Yelping on the iPhone. We found Vietnamese sandwiches at a place called Findlay Market:

It was crowded.


* A good show is different every single night. And the difference isn’t where it is or whether it sells out. It’s about the energy he brings to it, and being in the moment every time.

** If the driving is challenging, like if the weather is bad, sign him up – then he likes to drive. But they all take turns.

*** Oh yeah. New Mexico: tamales. Alabama: barbeque. New Orleans is po-boy country. And in San Francisco, it’s all about the Mission-style burrito.

**** Not till he got this hat. Now, napping is no problem.


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3 Responses to Driving Mr. Borofsky #girlytour

  1. Donna Scharf says:

    That was very cute!!

  2. Lisa Jenn says:

    These posts are so much fun. Keep ’em coming, Paula!

    (Now thinking longingly of banh mi…)

  3. Melodie (Mel) says:

    Is that a Vietnamese sub Nate’s eating? Yummy!
    Love your travel news and pics…..coming up
    to Canada? Was at your performance a few
    years back, at The Black Sheep. It was a
    magical evening, you guys and Po Girl.
    Happy Trails To You…..until we meet again…

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