Next up: East Coast SUPERNOVA CD Release Parties!

Just a typical day off at the Grand Canyon.

Well, true to form, we had a blast on our west coast tour last month, playing delightfully fun CD Release shows with our friend AG, plus special guests Ingrid and Michael of Coyote Grace. In our efforts to experience life as fully as possible, we even visited the Grand Canyon in our spare time! (For another example of What We Do On Tour, see this video of us dancing to “Higher Love” that Steve Winwood himself linked to from his Facebook page). Now we’re home drinking in the beautiful Atlanta spring for a few precious days, and everything’s all in bloom and so lovely we don’t even mind the pollen that much.

Just a few days before we pack back up and pile into the van to do it all over again, this time on the EAST COAST! So excited to celebrate our new CD and see all those pretty faces in ME, MA, NY, CT, PA, DE, VA, and back in GA. We’ll have the awesome Edie Carey with us, and hopefully we’ll get to play and sing together as much as we did in February in the midwest. Many of you probably already know Edie, but just in case you’re late to the party, she ROCKS. Plus, we’ll have special guest Ingrid Elizabeth from Coyote Grace with us for select shows (from Ogunquit through NYC), and Julia Biber on cello in New York and Philadelphia! This is gonna be amazing, y’all.

Some of these shows have already SOLD OUT, so get your tickets soon! Can’t WAIT.

East coast CD release shows

big love,
Ty, Nate, Doris, and JJ

PS – A lot of you have written to ask when Supernova will be available in stores and online. Good question! The official digital release date will be May 1 (for iTunes, etc), and the physical release date (for actual CDs) is June 19. The European physical release date will be somewhat earlier, probably around May 1. Thanks for your patience, everyone! And in the meantime you can get Supernova at any of our LIVE SHOWS.

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One Response to Next up: East Coast SUPERNOVA CD Release Parties!

  1. patti greaux says:

    So excited that its FINALLY spring and time for your east coast leg of this tour. Got my tickets early for CITY WINERY — front row — YAY!!
    I’m sure you here it all the time but your music has really meant so much to me, especially during this past year — through some very serious , life changing events. Your words have many times steadied the way, opened my eyes, reminded me of hope, and have always spoken to my heart. Thank you for that.
    CANNOT wait to see you at city winery on the 22nd. love EVERY SINGLE thing you do . . .but would be amazing to hear “somewhere different now” and “everything’s easy” live.

    BIG love to YOU all!!
    <3 patti

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