UK and European reviews for SUPERNOVA are rolling in…

…and we just had to post this one. Besides being a glowing review, it was originally written in Dutch. Google Chrome’s translation into English was too funny not to pass on. Enjoy! (Original review was posted on the Belgian music site,

“To once again with the proverbial door down to business: “Supernova” by Girlyman is a very fine record. Even more, it’s been a while since I, in the folk-rock genre, yet so strong, extremely beautiful songs heard. ‘Supernova’ gets an extra dimension when you know that this CD is almost not there. It was at one point not even sure Girlyman could still remain.

The past year was one of the toughest in the history of the band. At the end of 2010 was diagnosed with leukemia at Doris Muramatsu. Together with Nate Borofsky and Tulan Greenstein plays them all together for ten years. Girlyman began in small coffee houses, opened for Indigo Girls and Dar Williams and the trio won a permanent place on the stages of major festivals and prominent clubs in the folk circuit. And suddenly there was the time needed to undergo chemotherapy Muramatsu and that the band had to cancel a lot of gigs. They did not even know whether they would ever occur.

‘Supernova’ is a sort of autobiography about this radical period in the history of the group. The thirteen songs on the album are about things like uncertainty and transformation. It is not lament or requiem become. Rather, the wonderful songs on this album are mainly about hope. Doris Muramatsu told them about the title as follows: “A supernova may be a dying star, ultimately, it’s the start of new stars.” Nine months later she was declared cured and Girlyman seems reborn and ready for a new chapter.

“Supernova” is the fifth release of the band. At the same time the first CD of Girlyman since the annexation of drummer JJ Jones.The quartet received a multitude of beautiful songs, with Beatles-esque three-part harmonies and arrangements that do not know their equal haste. Listen for a moment, to the title track. ‘Supernova’ is such a modest, honest and open song that delivers instant goosebumps.

The band conjure up wonderful music together out of their hat, but before they met each other, they threw on a musical level high all eyes. Nate Borofsky as singer-songwriter has won several awards and Muramatus and Greenstein, who has been best friends since they met at school, formed the duo The Garden Verge. Jones played drums again with Po ‘Girl, a band who repeatedly went on the orbit with Girlyman. Meanwhile, the band has built an oversized supporters.

Look, I’d still awhile can continue to write about ‘Supernova’. I could tell how astute the texts and “Michelangelo” citing as an example. Opener ‘Nothing Left’ is yet another example of how one in three minutes the listener can captivate and warm for the rest of the plate. Songs like “No Matter What I Do ‘or’ Saint Augustine ‘are more of such exceptional beauty that a description is almost impossible. And so would I still be able to continue here. For fear of repeating themselves I do not. There is no single moment on ‘Supernova’ with superlatives that can not be buried.

It is not always choose to get the record without objection in the sky to praise. Yet I dare myself with this latest venture to Girlyman of bold statements. If you like polyphonic pop and rock that is accompanied by a typical folk instruments, then ‘Supernova’ undoubtedly one of the best things you will hear this year. (Preach)”


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6 Responses to UK and European reviews for SUPERNOVA are rolling in…

  1. patti greaux says:

    so funny i had to read it twice . . .i can only say, with “superlatives that can not be buried” I concur.

    one fo your “oversized supporters”

  2. Shakila says:

    What a wonderful review! Delivered instant goosebumps. And now I am off to go give that modest, honest, open song a listen and see if that delivers instant goosebumps as well!

  3. DB says:

    this is hilarious. “‘Supernova’ gets an extra dimension when you know that this CD is almost not there.” Maybe I should go home and make sure my copy hasn’t disappeared while I was at work?

  4. Aurora says:

    I hope I’m not talking out of my hat, but I also loved the CD. (I am a bit upset that none of my college history courses went over the Annexation of JJ.)


  5. Rick says:

    Being Dutch I can only applaud Google’s ability to get across the subtleties and nuances of our refined language ;).

    Even better is that you guys are coming to perform in my hometown, Leiden on May 29th. Or as we say in Dutch: Supertof, dat wordt beregezellig en gaan met die banaan!

    P.S. If you have some time on the day and would like to see a bit of the city where the Pilgrim Fathers lived for over a decade, just let me know. I’d be happy to show you around.

  6. Yvonne G says:

    Hi guys,

    Congrats! What a wonderful review! “Supernova” is a very good CD, we can never get tired of it and I am playing it right now at Gu’s. I was thinking about you, so I was wondering if you are on tour. I am surprised that you are in London. Have fun!

    Yvonne Gu

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