Making “Supernova”: Girlyman goes back into the closet(s)

The recording of Girlyman’s new studio album “Supernova” continues, taking over much of Nate’s house.  He’s generously removed his hanging clothes and blocked off easy access to his washer-dryer in order to convert his closets into sound booths.

Doris and her banjo find room

For this album, the band is shooting for a looser, “live” sound, which means recording instruments at the same time, rather than one at a time.  To prevent microphone “bleedthrough”, they need to have their own spaces.  Enter the closets.  In order for the music to come out, everyone needs to go back in.  Laundry can wait.

Can you find the washer-dryer?


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4 Responses to Making “Supernova”: Girlyman goes back into the closet(s)

  1. Kristy Breitsman says:

    I’m delighted to find that there is a new album in the works. I first heard Girlyman several years at The Midtown Scholar Bookstore in Harrisburg PA. Since then I have bought and loved everything I could get my hands on. I am unable to get anything by the Garden Verge on iTunes though. Can you tell me if it’s possible?

  2. Carrie Gordon Watson says:

    Please oh please oh please consider including “Soul of You” on the new album. =D

  3. Sophia in Maine says:

    Wow! Sounds fun! Yes, laundry can wait! That’s what I would do!

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