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Supernova’s first single, “Empire of Our State,” is available for free download EXCLUSIVELY on the Huffington Post!

Read Michael Bialas’s review of Supernova in the Huffington Post and download the first single, “Empire of our State,” (featuring Emily Saliers of the Indigo Girls), FREE!

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Those of you who weren’t able to pre-order the CD or make it to a recent show have been asking how you can get a copy of SUPERNOVA. Well, here it is in digital form! Downloadable from iTunes and other fine outlets.

We are so excited!! Stay tuned for the physical release on June 19!

As always, we here at Girly-central thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your support. We couldn’t do it without you. ♥

Click here to buy SUPERNOVA on iTunes!

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UK and European reviews for SUPERNOVA are rolling in…

…and we just had to post this one. Besides being a glowing review, it was originally written in Dutch. Google Chrome’s translation into English was too funny not to pass on. Enjoy! (Original review was posted on the Belgian music site,

“To once again with the proverbial door down to business: “Supernova” by Girlyman is a very fine record. Even more, it’s been a while since I, in the folk-rock genre, yet so strong, extremely beautiful songs heard. ‘Supernova’ gets an extra dimension when you know that this CD is almost not there. It was at one point not even sure Girlyman could still remain.

The past year was one of the toughest in the history of the band. At the end of 2010 was diagnosed with leukemia at Doris Muramatsu. Together with Nate Borofsky and Tulan Greenstein plays them all together for ten years. Girlyman began in small coffee houses, opened for Indigo Girls and Dar Williams and the trio won a permanent place on the stages of major festivals and prominent clubs in the folk circuit. And suddenly there was the time needed to undergo chemotherapy Muramatsu and that the band had to cancel a lot of gigs. They did not even know whether they would ever occur.

‘Supernova’ is a sort of autobiography about this radical period in the history of the group. The thirteen songs on the album are about things like uncertainty and transformation. It is not lament or requiem become. Rather, the wonderful songs on this album are mainly about hope. Doris Muramatsu told them about the title as follows: “A supernova may be a dying star, ultimately, it’s the start of new stars.” Nine months later she was declared cured and Girlyman seems reborn and ready for a new chapter.

“Supernova” is the fifth release of the band. At the same time the first CD of Girlyman since the annexation of drummer JJ Jones.The quartet received a multitude of beautiful songs, with Beatles-esque three-part harmonies and arrangements that do not know their equal haste. Listen for a moment, to the title track. ‘Supernova’ is such a modest, honest and open song that delivers instant goosebumps.

The band conjure up wonderful music together out of their hat, but before they met each other, they threw on a musical level high all eyes. Nate Borofsky as singer-songwriter has won several awards and Muramatus and Greenstein, who has been best friends since they met at school, formed the duo The Garden Verge. Jones played drums again with Po ‘Girl, a band who repeatedly went on the orbit with Girlyman. Meanwhile, the band has built an oversized supporters.

Look, I’d still awhile can continue to write about ‘Supernova’. I could tell how astute the texts and “Michelangelo” citing as an example. Opener ‘Nothing Left’ is yet another example of how one in three minutes the listener can captivate and warm for the rest of the plate. Songs like “No Matter What I Do ‘or’ Saint Augustine ‘are more of such exceptional beauty that a description is almost impossible. And so would I still be able to continue here. For fear of repeating themselves I do not. There is no single moment on ‘Supernova’ with superlatives that can not be buried.

It is not always choose to get the record without objection in the sky to praise. Yet I dare myself with this latest venture to Girlyman of bold statements. If you like polyphonic pop and rock that is accompanied by a typical folk instruments, then ‘Supernova’ undoubtedly one of the best things you will hear this year. (Preach)”


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Next up: East Coast SUPERNOVA CD Release Parties!

Just a typical day off at the Grand Canyon.

Well, true to form, we had a blast on our west coast tour last month, playing delightfully fun CD Release shows with our friend AG, plus special guests Ingrid and Michael of Coyote Grace. In our efforts to experience life as fully as possible, we even visited the Grand Canyon in our spare time! (For another example of What We Do On Tour, see this video of us dancing to “Higher Love” that Steve Winwood himself linked to from his Facebook page). Now we’re home drinking in the beautiful Atlanta spring for a few precious days, and everything’s all in bloom and so lovely we don’t even mind the pollen that much.

Just a few days before we pack back up and pile into the van to do it all over again, this time on the EAST COAST! So excited to celebrate our new CD and see all those pretty faces in ME, MA, NY, CT, PA, DE, VA, and back in GA. We’ll have the awesome Edie Carey with us, and hopefully we’ll get to play and sing together as much as we did in February in the midwest. Many of you probably already know Edie, but just in case you’re late to the party, she ROCKS. Plus, we’ll have special guest Ingrid Elizabeth from Coyote Grace with us for select shows (from Ogunquit through NYC), and Julia Biber on cello in New York and Philadelphia! This is gonna be amazing, y’all.

Some of these shows have already SOLD OUT, so get your tickets soon! Can’t WAIT.

East coast CD release shows

big love,
Ty, Nate, Doris, and JJ

PS – A lot of you have written to ask when Supernova will be available in stores and online. Good question! The official digital release date will be May 1 (for iTunes, etc), and the physical release date (for actual CDs) is June 19. The European physical release date will be somewhat earlier, probably around May 1. Thanks for your patience, everyone! And in the meantime you can get Supernova at any of our LIVE SHOWS.

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A note from Genevieve

Girlyman with manager Genevieve Barber (in yellow).

Hello to friends and fans of Girlyman!

I wanted to write and let you know that, after ten marvelous years, I’m moving on as manager of the band. It’s been such an adventure. None of us knew what we were doing when it all started. We just realized there was something special in this music, and it was worth taking some risks to get it into the world. I’ve watched the band go from playing for milkshakes to having an international career. I’ve always adored the songs, but it’s been a pleasure watching them master the craft of songwriting, and seeing their live shows become at once more profound and funnier.

And I’ve gotten to correspond with you, the fans. Many artists claim their fans are the best. I usually keep my mouth shut, but I know they’re probably wrong. Girlyman fans are the rarest of breeds. So passionate, so smart. You’ve helped make their career what it is. Some of you have driven for hours, have dragged countless friends to shows, to build the band in new towns, new states, new countries. You ask what you can do to help. You write the best fan mail. It’s been wonderful being the liaison between you and Girlyman. Take good, good care.

Going forward, email if you want to contact the band.

All the best,

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Pictures (and Videos) from the February Tour

Here are some tidbits from our jaunt through the Midwest this month.

The tour started off wonderfully, with us all in good spirits. Ingrid Elizabeth (from Coyote Grace) joined us. The morning after our second show, we were assaulted by the hotel’s outdoor stereo blasting Steve Winwood.  We chose to dance.

Our search of the gas station’s souvenir section yielded a discovery of religious and archaeological significance:
Jesus's Key

New coffee beverages were discovered:
sign for "coffee latties 99 cents"

A homespun Girlyman shirt:
t-shirt with "are you a girlyman?"

Modern art at the Irving Theater in Indianapolis:
a two headed red zebra sculpture

Ary finds a friend (Henry) in Indiana.
Ary and Henry

Onstage in Chicago:
onstage in Chicago

The green room in Minneapolis made us feel like CBGB’s was still alive and well.
punk rock green room

punk rock green room 2

But they got our hospitality rider, and our punk rock collection of fruit, hummus, and snacks was there.

The cold weather meant a lot of extra things had to come into the hotel every night.  At times, this was tiring.
us collapsed in a hotel lobby

The Best Western seemed to worry that we might fear our TV remotes had gone stale.
remote control in a sanitary cozy

One of the highlights of this tour was having our good friend Edie Carey open most of the shows.  In addition to getting to hear her beautiful voice night after night, we all got to sing a few songs together.  Here’s a video of us singing the Swell Season’s “Falling Slowly” all together in Milwaukee.


Onstage in Milwaukee:
onstage in Milwaukee

End of tour pile.
us piled on one another

On the drive home, Ty found some helpful advice in the women’s room.
ty next to a sign advising her to apply lipstick

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SUPERNOVA CD Release Shows: Midwest, West & East Coast!

Another huge round of thanks to everyone who pre-ordered the new Girlyman CD, SUPERNOVA! We’re thrilled to announce that the CDs were sent out TODAY!

If you didn’t get around to pre-ordering, you can still get your new Girlyman CD very soon (and signed) by coming to a SUPERNOVA CD Release Show near you. We’re heading to the MIDWEST later this week, and we’ll have our brilliantly talented friend Edie Carey along. This is our first tour together and we’re excited as heck!

If you’re on the WEST or EAST COAST, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered in March and April (respectively). Click here for tour dates, get your tickets, and come celebrate the release of SUPERNOVA with us! We sure have a lot to celebrate.

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SUPERNOVA pre-orders end Sunday at midnight!

Just wanted to give you a heads up that we’ll be ending online pre-orders for the new Girlyman CD, SUPERNOVA this coming Sunday, January 22 at 11:59pm. That means you have just a couple days to get yours in under the wire!

Pre-order now!

But why should I pre-order? Why not just wait for the CD to be officially released?

Good question! Here’s why:

1) You’ll get your CDs hot off the press – as soon as we get them from the manufacturer next week, we’ll be mailing them out!

2) Doris, Ty, Nate, and JJ will lovingly sign each copy!

3) The cost of $25 per CD includes domestic shipping and handling and helps Girlyman with the costs of recording and manufacturing.

4) Instead of much of your money going to a distribution company or iTunes, every cent will go to help the band fund the recording effort. Doesn’t that feel good?

5) If you order two or more, as our thanks for sharing Girlyman with a friend we’ll send you download of a BONUS TRACK that’s not on the CD, plus a FREE copy of “The Tuning Songs Collection, Vol. 1.”

Basically, your pre-order directly helps Girlyman to keep touring and making music!

Thanks again for your support! We’re eternally grateful.

Much love,
Ty, Doris, Nate, and JJ

P.S. It’s hard to explain how excited we are to be releasing this CD out into the world. We feel like, in many ways, SUPERNOVA is a bit of a miracle. Still not convinced? Read more about the making of the CD here.

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NE, KS, & OK in January. Midwest in February. Bring it.

Happy new year, everyone!

Well, we may be Girlyman, but don’t let anyone tell you we’re puny. After all, what other band would leave the sunny southeast for frigid NEBRASKA in the dead of January? That’s just the way we roll, people. And not just Nebraska, but Kansas and Oklahoma too. And NEBRASKA, did we mention that?

Then, as if that weren’t enough, we’ll be heading to the frigid Midwest in February. You know, KY, MO, IN, MI, IL, WI, and balmy MN. Did we mention MINNESOTA? Bring it.

So, please send your prayers to our trusty Girlyvan – she doesn’t often see temperatures in the single digits. And if you’re in any of these heartland states, for the love of fleece lining, get yourself to a show! And when you get there, put us over a double boiler to slowly thaw our stunned, southern bones. A spit would work fine too. Thanks.

But seriously, we’re excited to see you. So come on out and get cozy with us. 🙂

Check out the shows here.

Can’t wait to see your pretty, bundled head. 🙂

Ty, Nate, Doris, and JJ

P.S.  Exciting news! Our new CD, SUPERNOVA, is finally finished and is on its way to be manufactured. That means pre-orders will be ending VERY soon. Get yours in under the wire!

We’ll sign it, personally pack it up, and even throw in a free CD and bonus song download if you order more than one. Thanks so much for your support. We couldn’t do any of this without you.


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Pre-order SUPERNOVA!

We are SO excited. For a limited time, Girlyman will be taking PRE-ORDERS for our brand new full-length studio album, SUPERNOVA!

Pre-ordering SUPERNOVA means that you’ll receive your copies sometime early next year, before the official release date, which is yet to be determined. Doris, Ty, Nate, and JJ will lovingly sign each copy and mail it to you stat!

The cost of $25 per CD includes domestic shipping and handling and helps Girlyman to recover some of the costs of recording and manufacturing the new CD.

But here’s a way to sweeten the deal:

Share SUPERNOVA with someone in your life. Pre-order two or more CDs, and give the extra copies of SUPERNOVA to friends/family/co-workers whom you know would love Girlyman. As our thanks for spreading the Girlyword and maximizing your support, we’ll send you a download of a BONUS TRACK that will not be on the album! AND, for some rainy day listening, we’ll also send you a copy of “The Tuning Songs Collection, Vol. 1.”

Girlyfans have always been the engine of this band. Your pre-order literally and directly helps us to keep touring and making music. All of us here at Girlyman Central thank you for supporting independent music!



It’s hard to explain how excited we are to be releasing this CD out into the world. We feel like, in many ways, SUPERNOVA is a bit of a miracle.

With Doris’s diagnosis of leukemia last November, we didn’t know if Girlyman would even continue. But continue we did! Doris has had an incredible recovery, inspired in very large part by playing, touring and writing.

As it turns out, a supernova is the death of a star. To be exact, it’s the explosion of a supergiant star that shines with the brightness of 10 billion suns before fading out. But here’s the thing that really floored us: the shock waves from supernova explosions can trigger the formation of brand new stars.

This seemed to encapsulate everything we’ve gone through over this last year: death of a way of life, massive change, transformation, fear, and ultimately – new hope and a new start.

Thrilled to still be out there making music again, we’ve really put our hearts and souls into this project. For most of the last couple of months, we’ve sequestered ourselves away in Nate’s home studio, with piano, drum-set, guitars, bass, banjo, organ, and mandolin all within arm’s reach. We began by sitting in a circle facing each other, and just played through each song, recording as we went. Many of the final arrangements on the CD are taken from these initial run-throughs. Doris is playing bass on a lot of the tracks, a first for her; Ty has been acting as “lyric ninja,” writing and re-writing lines; Nate is playing lots of piano and pulling triple duty as engineer, co-producer and musician; and JJ has dusted the cobwebs off her first drum-set (a vintage ’79 Gretsch) and started playing with sticks to get an even bigger drum sound. Everyone is producing and arranging. Some songs have already been in rotation during our live shows, like “Supernova” (of course), “The Person You Want,” “Best I Could,” and “Soul of You.” Others were written over the past year but have just now been arranged. Still others were songwriting collaborations that didn’t come together until the final weeks of recording.

We are so excited about how it’s all sounding – rich, upbeat, reflective, and very, very Girlyman! We’re thrilled to be recording for the first time with our newest member, drummer JJ Jones. Even our besties Coyote Grace make an appearance on a few tracks. And, while we’re in NYC next month, we’ll mix the CD with one of our favorites in the business, Ben Wisch, whose sublime artistry helped make our last CD, “Everything’s Easy,” into the record it is.

We can’t wait for you to hear this thing!

Thanks again, and don’t forget to PRE-ORDER!

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